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Hello Bob, 

I just wanted to write and thank you for your prompt process and shipment of eye care products for my Persian. I am truly amazed, and in awe of what your eyewash & powder was able to accomplish in just ONE wash! I've attached a before and after photo of Panda, he don't even look like the same cat!

Thank you again,
You've earned a forever customer from Ohio!












Wonderful Bob. I have always purchased in the smaller bottle from my vender here. Don't need any powder yet. I just placed my order and thank you for your prompt response. I LOVE Page One and just recommended you twice this week. You will be getting an another order from CA and one from CO. 
Thanks again

~ Ardell Sims

Hi there Bob,

Just made another order for 2 bottles of this wonderful eye product. Thanks so much again!

When I ordered last, I sent pictures of our 5 Persians (4 females & 1 elderly male) and in February we added 2 beautiful solid white little boys to the pack. They are descendants (GGGGG-nephews) of our now 15 1/2 year old white Persian male that we are still fortunate to have alive, healthy & beautiful as ever for this holiday season. One of my little boys, Mr. Beautiful, was in the international magazine Vogue Russia March 2010 issue (picture below). Your eye products are a lifesaver for me and greatly appreciated!! It certainly keeps my babies sparkling clean! The breeder lady that I purchased these boys from in NY asked what I used to keep my furbabies so clean and I gave her your website and email. I'm sure she will be a great customer for you because she has beautiful Persians and places them in all the top modeling magazines for photo shoots as you can see from the photo below! My camera photos can not do any of them justice for their true beauty inside and out! Hoping to make a few cat shows in January thru March 2011.

My sincere thanks again and a very happy holiday season to you and your family!

~ Cynthia Bramlett





What's a super eyes Products. Thank You to sell Page One. I'm very happy to have now this Products. The Eyes from my extreme Persian are perfect clean with the Eye Clean and Eye Powder. I will make new order you can be sure. Thank you from me and my cats.
Best regards, 

~ Edith Meyer


Hope all is going well for you and your family. I wanted to let you know the spray is FANTASTICO! Our Persian's coat is feeling and looking much better. Grazie, my friend. Hope to see you soon,

~Catherine and Linda

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