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Cry no more.

Clear up those tear stains on your pet and get him show ready with Page One Pet Care products. Used by professional groomers, breeders and exhibitors worldwide, Page One's products are crafted from only the safest and quality ingredients.

Safety-assured quality is all you should ever accept for your beloved pets.

We use these products, which include our dynamic duo of eye wash and packing powder. Page One products are the 'purrfect' cure for clearing up unsightly stains. Our grooming spray, formulated with Aloe Vera, conditions the coat while rehydrating it. The results are award winning.

Our products are particularly effective for lighter colored dogs like Bichons and Maltese as well as extreme cats and dogs, like Persians, Himalayans, Exotic Shorthairs, Pekingese, Shih-Tzu. However, our products are excellent for all pets including rabbits and ferrets.

Whether you are competing in pet shows or simply want your cat or dog to be pampered, you will be happy with the results of trusting Page One Pet Care for your product needs.

International Sales

For International sales contact one of our Page One distributors:

All Page One Products work safely on both cats and dogs!

"I have received both orders, and LOVE this product! The wash really does well! I am amazed! Where most advertise their product will do thus and such (and seldom it does)--Yours works very well! Thank you so much!"

~Sandi Lewis

Recommended by Barmont Persians and Cornish Rex

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